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My name is Emilia Gzyl. I am a massage therapist based in Bristol and I offer Hawaiian Massage, Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Indian Head Massage and more.

Yoga Bristol

Regular Mindful Yin Yoga classes : every Thursday 18:00-19:00 , all levels & ages welcome, £12 or move gb ; every Monday on zoom 18:00-19:00 ( please enquire to get zoom access link)

Yin Yoga + Rejuvenation Practices Spring Retreat in Devon, Woolacombe

Practical info: 
3 nights including accommodation, 3 vegetarian delicious meals a day, all the classes
Arrival: Friday 17th March from 15:30 owards Departure Monday 20th March 11am
It’s a small retreat (12 people) , limited spaces. Don’t wait too long to book.

Couples/friends sharing double bed £580 each Shared room with 1 or 2 others £479
* Own room with double bed ( limited option) £650

To secure your booking:
Required £200 non refundable deposit
Emilia 0782158453

In this retreat you will deepen your connection to yourself, with nature & yin yoga practice, exploring physical, mental and spiritual balance through yin yoga practices & other simple healing exercises.

Open to all:
Beginners & advanced yogis.
We’ll have 3 nights stay, 3 organic homemade meals a day, two Mindful Yin Yoga sessions a day in the beautiful studio or on the grass weather permitting with optional Partner Yoga/Thai massage skills sessions. In our free time students like doing hikes, surfing, horse riding, beach walks ( 15 mins from our cottage) or simply rest and nap.

Yoga Nidra or camp fires in the evening.

We will reconnect with nature and with our natural selves.

This retreat is suitable for anyone who would like to spend a weekend in nature; rest, learning about wellbeing, nourish from inside out.

Beginners are welcome as well as all ages.

Let yourself rest and rejuvenate.

Let yourself go inwards and explore the places that need attention.

Mindful Yin Yoga & Restorative Sound Bath Workshop ( monthly event)
Sunday 5th March 10:30am-12:30pm

Emilia Gzyl & Rounik Sethi invite you to a unique Yin yoga and sound healing session weaving mindfulness, movement & relaxing vibrations.

In a Mindful Yin Yoga workshops we use an approach from Yin Yoga with elements of Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness (MBSR- Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction ) to create a profound relaxation in the physical body, nervous system & to quiet the mind.
Yin Yoga is floor-based asanas that are held softly for a few minutes to deeply release the tension stored in the hips, back, shoulders, legs and to encourage you to enter a meditative state.

Opening the deep connective tissues in this way will leave you feeling more flexible, rejuvenated and calm by unblocking energetic blockages.

The session will transition into gentle cascading waves of sonic bliss with a relaxing sound bath.

Sound baths bring many benefits to the mind, body and soul. Using ancient and modern instruments, including singing bowls, gongs, chimes and a monochord, Rounik works intuitively and facilitates deep relaxation through harmonic vibrations that help you return to a balanced state.

By the end of the workshop students will have experienced of accessing a deep state of tranquility and relaxation to take with them into everyday life.

No yoga experience necessary & all levels of experience welcome.

When: Sunday 5th March 2023 10.30am – 12.30pm
Cost: £30 or £25 for concessions
Venue: Sensate Spa & Studios, The Garden, 68 Northumbria Drive, Bristol. BS9 4HW
Sensate is a hidden gem of tranquility within Bristol. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life, as you enter through the gate and step into the secret garden, past the bamboo, ivy, herbs and flowers.

Connection through Partner Yoga, Contact Improvisation, & Thai Massage (clothed). In Bristol at St Michael’s Parish Hall 
1st April 10:30am -2nd April 5pm( non residential) 

Join Emilia Gzyl and Asher Levin for an indulgent weekend of 3 complementary practices to deepen your sense or deep connection and relationship with yourself and others.
The workshop will: boost energy levels, nurture a sense of well-being, lower stress, broaden your movement range and vocabulary, deepen your body’s ‘listening’ skills, release muscular tension. You will have fun and experience creative opening.

Open to all. You may choose to bring a partner to work with for the yoga and clothed massage, though this is not essential as we will intuitively coordinate and there will be flexibility of partner.
While the whole weekend will provide the full immersive experience, if you are not able to make the whole weekend, you are welcome to purchase a 1 day ticket for either Saturday or Sunday.
Location: St Michael’s Parish Hall. A lovely, warm bright hall in the centre of town,  with views over Bristol.

Weekend £85 / £110 / £130
1 Day: £47/ £59 / £71
as you feel fair and right for you.
*We also have a couple of bursary places available, if the concession price would be a bar to participation. Please send a brief email to Asher.

Enquiries and info:
e: asher.levin.mail@gmail.com
t: 0799 9934369

The 3 Practices

The thread through all 3 practices is an interwoven deepening – intimate & spacious, softening & strong – relationship through body, mind, and spirit.

Partner Yoga… Not to be confused with Acroyoga, Partner Yoga allows two people to relate to and support one another’s practice through mutually assisted poses. From stretching your levels of trust to strengthening your communication, partner yoga can have a positive effect on you and your connections that extends far beyond the physical. It’s a gentle, strong practice, available for everyone’s level, including those without previous experience.

Contact Improvisation… is a form of improvised movement or dance. It takes inspiration from and involves exploration of physically being in relationship to others. We use the fundamentals of shared touch, weight, and movement awareness. Rather than focusing on ‘dance moves’ we train our bodies to listen and observe the wonder of shared spontaneous movement and, maybe, dance. Listening, following, leading and suggesting without attachment are at the fore. Letting go of control of all that happens opens us to playfulness, surprises, creativity, dynamism and tenderness.
Thai Massage… is a clothed massage practice. Guided and supported throughout, to release tension and stress in a safe & respectful manner. Thai Massage uses gentle pressure, stretching techniques and joint mobilisations to relax & open the body. The theory suggests that tight muscles cause blockages within energy lines, called Sen lines in the Thai Massage tradition. These blockages reduce the flow of life energy, resulting in stiffness, pain, and illness. Thai massage uses techniques that open the Sen to correct the flow of life energy.

The class I’m currently offering ‘Mindful Yin Yoga’ is a slow-paced yoga with postures held for longer periods of time – 3 to 5 minutes. The passive nature of long held postures gives time for a deeper journey to unfold; into the meditative aspects of yoga, a bridge toliving life mindfully. Yin Yoga is the practice of floor postures that applies moderate stress to the connective tissues of ligaments, fascia, joints, bones and the energetic channels of the meridians, nerves and blood system. In my Yin Yoga class I’m often referring to the 12 main Organ Meridians that we are balancing during the practice. I am also using the tools of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to help to step out of automatic pilot and ‘just be’ in our bodies in the present moment. It’s a meditative approach to yoga promoting inner stillness and awareness. Mindful Yin Yoga is a perfect compliment to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga – Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Mindful Yin Yoga aims to help you discover how to use different yoga techniques to live more fully and mindfully, both on and off the mat!I welcome all levels of experience and ability to my classes, which are designed to suit the varying needs and interests of students. I very much look forward to sharing with you this wonderful practice.

Yoga is my passion because it gives me what i deeply need and am nourished by – it centers me, grounds me and brings me a deep sense of peace. My study and practice of Yoga has helped me develop and grow as a person in positive, grounded and beautiful ways, this is why i love teaching it!

In 2014 I decided to go deeper with my personal yoga practice by joining the hatha yoga course with Hridaya Yoga, Mexico and completed 120 hrs. Following the courses completion I wanted to train further and teach so I completed a Hatha Yoga and Traditional Tantra 200 hrs TTC in India. Being in India for over 5 months allowed me to explore different styles of yoga with various teachers. Upon returning I joined Uma Dismore Tuli on her Womb Yoga Teacher Training in London in 2016. Most recently I completed an additional 50 hrs of Mindfulness Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Currently I am aslo offering 1:2:1 yoga sessions. I am also offering session os yoga combined with therapeutic massage.

I can tailor the style of yoga to your individual needs, health and goals. Please call me to discuss: 07821584532

Prices for 1:2:1 yoga
1hr- £60 
1,5hr- £80
2hrs- £100 

Book 5 yoga sessions and get the 6th free.
Packages of combined yoga and massage are popular and available. Please call or email me for more details.


Recent Testimonials

‘That was so lush, thank you! As deep a stretch as any other yoga I’ve done, and took deeply relaxing to another level… You create such a lovely space with your wonderful voice & delivery, not to mention the choice of poses & exercises – keep it up, you have something very special there 🙂 ‘
‘Rounik’s sound bath was just incredible. I slept so peacefully after. It’s hard to explain but it feels like everything is now flowing and loose and free. I’m looking forward to immersing myself in sacredness again.’

Linda Low

September 18

‘Thank you so much for a wonderful Workshop, it really is transformative to ‘go deep’ with poses..and your calming voice is divine ✨🙏 Neil and I are converts!’

Sonya W

September 18

I first met Emilia when I attended one of her Yin Yoga classes. I had been suffering from chronic fatigue for a year and a half and was looking for a class that addressed my symptoms linked to the fight or flight response mechanism being stuck on ‘on’ all the time. I was surprised at how effective Emilia’s classes are at redressing this balance and have been a regular attendee ever since. When I attend one of Emilia’s classes the effect stays with me for several days after.

Nick D

September 18

This yoga class was just what I needed. Emilia’s class met a lot of my needs for relaxation, presence and mindfulness. Often I find yoga classes too fast and intense but the pace of this was perfect for me! Slow and steady, allowing the opportunity for me to relax and drop fully out of my mind and into my body and let go of the days stresses! Thank you Emilia.

Ollie G.

September 18

I can’t recommend Emilia’s class enough. Mindful Yin Yoga combines long deep stretches, gentle relaxing music, warmth and a cosy nest like room, leaving me feeling deeply nourished and grateful that such a thing exists. Go and feel the Bliss.

Joan W.

January 18

I had the pleasure of attending one of Emilia’s Yin Yoga classes the other week and was amazed at how my body responded. I have done Iyengar Yoga for 15 years and although this has given me a fantastic foundation in knowing my body and learning the asanas, Emilia’s yoga class seemed to allow my body to stretch and ease into a deeper sense of surrender than I had experienced ever before. I am hence a complete convert and will be incorporating Yin Yoga into my regime. Part of the reason this class was so nourishing was due to Emilia’s calm and mindful approach, her instructions were clear, and she was very attentive to everyone’s individual needs during the poses. It really was nourishing for my mind, body and soul! Thank You

Sonya W.

September 18

Below one from Darren on our last 10 sessions of 1:2:1 yoga: 

Prior to working with Emilia my knowledge and understanding of the ancient art of yoga was pretty limited to say the least. I must confess, I wasn’t a complete “newbie”, I have tried yoga before, however, that was ten years ago and only for a limited time period (6 months). I knew Emilia loved Yoga and had recently returned from a long teaching spell in India, so when she offered me the chance of one to one yoga instruction, I thought to myself, why not, let’s give it another go. What’s the worst that can happen, my flexibility, posture, blood flow, focus, balance, muscle strength could all improve…actually, that is not such a bad thing – let’s do it !! During the short period of time I have been training with Emilia I have found her to be an amazing instructor (and human being), who is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her subject area. She has a wonderful positive warming personality, is fantastic to train alongside, very helpful, patient, kind, considerate and most importantly non-judgemental. She demonstrates each asana (posture) with the correct breathing technique and explains the body area being worked on in great detail. One thing that surprised me was Yoga isn’t a just for individuals, there are a multitude of asana’s that be conducted by two people (partner Yoga). I Iove this part of the art; working together seemed to bring about a therapeutic connection that allowed me to go even deeper into the asana, further improving the stretch. Even though I would only classify myself as a beginner, I have noticed a significant improvement in my flexibility and have a greater consciousness of my own breath. Previously it was shallow, whereas now it is much deeper. It sounds a bit strange, but I actually feel younger, calmer and have more energy. To say that I am extremely satisfied with Emilia is a complete understatement, I cannot praise her enough for her efforts in improving my health to date. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about taking up yoga. I have also been fortunate to receive numerous massages from Emilia, all of which have been incredible; the most recent being a bio dynamic body rebalancing massage. The amount of care, compassion and attention to detail. Emilia places into her massages is quite remarkable.Thanks Emilia- you really are a gift!

Darren S.

December 16

Below from Mandy from South France where I taught in her retreat centre in June 2016:

Over the years I have experienced many yoga classes… I enjoyed Emilias teaching more than any other. Her teaching method is intuitive and gentle. I love her calm and effortless interaction with the class. She is a shining guiding light that touches the soul and heart. Thank you Emilia for sharing your gift.

Mandy H.

July 16

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