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My name is Emilia Gzyl. I am a massage therapist based in Bristol and I offer Hawaiian Massage, Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Indian Head Massage and more.

Thai Foot Massage

What is Thai Foot Massage?

This relaxing and yet energising treatment of the feet, lower legs and hands works on specific Sen lines (Energy Lines) and was greatly influenced by Indian and Chinese reflexology systems that are thousands of years old. This treatment opens up the Sen Lines balancing and harmonising the flow of energy through the body. It also stimulates the internal organs in the body. During the treatment I will work on your lower legs, feet and hands so there is no need to undress, simply remove your socks and shoes to relax … its a perfect way to put a spring in your step …

The treatment

You will lie down on a comfortable massage couch and have your feet refreshed with hot towels. A warm oil is then applied to your feet and lower legs. A range of techniques that involves stretching, massage and thumb pressure will be used during your treatment.
Towards the end of your treatment I will move to your hands to work on its lines and pressure points.

For the concluding phase of your massage I will apply an invigorating balm on your feet and lower legs and then wrap in towels as part of this invigorating treatment. A herbal tea or glass of water and aftercare advice will be offered at the end of the treatment to further enhance the cleansing effects of this wonderfully energising and detoxifying treatment.

What are the benefits?

  • This treatment increases flexibility of hips, legs, feet and joints and reduce stiffness
  • It stimulates the circulatory system of blood and lymph
  • Thai Foot Massage boosts the immune system
  • It stimulates the internal organs
  • It invigorates your spirit and increases energy levels
  • Encourages more restful and refreshing sleep patterns
  • Improves greater creativity, clarity of thought and concentration
  • Helps to reduce stress-related conditions aiding relaxation
  • An invigorating, revitalising massage that is also deeply relaxing
  • Accelerates natural detoxification aiding physical cleansing and healing

Each foot has over 7,000 nerve endings, 26 bones, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles.This type of drugless therapy creates a physiological change in the body by naturally restoring the balance.


60 Minutes – £60
90 Minutes – £90
120 Minutes – £120
180 Minutes – £180

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