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My name is Emilia Gzyl. I am a massage therapist based in Bristol and I offer Hawaiian Massage, Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Indian Head Massage and more.

Testimonials Of Healing Massage Bristol

An absolute delight of a true Five star Lomi massage in Bristol. I had been seeking out a Lomi/Hawaiian massage practitioner in Bristol for some considerable time when I thankfully found Emilia. I had read her reviews from satisfied customers and decided to call her myself, and I am so thrilled I did! Emilia’s massage space is incredibly warm and inviting, the fragrant smell of incense when you enter the room is lovely and calming.  Now..I have had Lomi massages from many practitioners around the globe, and without hesitation, I can wholeheartedly say, Emilias is BY FAR!.. the very best, I have EVER experienced!
Emilia first places her hands on you and asks you to set the intention for her massage you are about to receive, she asks you to take some slow meaningful and contemplative breaths, while holding her hands still on your body, and promoting you to relax. In doing this, you are immediately led to a place of true warmth and serenity. Emilias skilful touch gently transports you to a place where you feel the stresses and strains of everyday life seep from every fibre of your soul, it’s as if she’s able to open a connection between your physical being, your mind and your inner emotions to create an effortless flow of deep release. The sheer amount of warmth and deep connection you feel with Emilia’s massage is unbelievable, and testament to her knowledge and expertise in lomi massage, and for me, the first massage really felt transformative. I left her that day with a sense of calm, contentment and peacefulness,  that I truly, had not felt for many years. The feeling I had after my visit lasted many days and the restorative benefits I felt lasted even longer. I have since had a second visit with Emilia and literally feel ‘on top of the world’. Some people in this life, you are meant to meet, and I believe Emilia really is a light worker with hands that can heal the most weary of souls. If you want not just a massage, but a truly transformative experience, you really need to seek out this beautiful soul 🙂🙂🙂


April 22

Hi Emilia 
Just to say thank you 🙏 for a wonderful session yesterday, I found a space that was relaxing for both my body and mind allowing me to connect deeper with the practice all thanks to your guidance. I’ll be in touch shortly to book another session ( probably two 😊).

Kindest Martin

May, 22

If you need an amazing massage, drive to Bristol! Really – it’s worth driving for! Emilia is amazing. Kind, attuned, sensitive, adaptable. Her massages are probably the best I’ve ever had and i’ve had a lot! I wish I lived closer. Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Natalie Ford

February, 20

I first met Emilia when I attended one of her Yin Yoga classes. I had been suffering from chronic fatigue for a year and a half and was looking for a class that addressed my symptoms linked to the fight or flight response mechanism being stuck on ‘on’ all the time. I was surprised at how effective Emilia’s classes are at redressing this balance and have been a regular attendee ever since. When I attend one of Emilia’s classes the effect stays with me for several days after. When Emilia mentioned that she is also a massage practitioner I immediately made an appointment as I just had a feeling she would be a good one. Having now had a couple of appointments, one predominantly using Thai massage and a second using a combination of massage disciplines, I am happy to pass on that these have been the best massages I have ever had, and I have seen a number of very good therapists in the past. I really value the way Emilia incorporates her understanding of yoga and the breath into her massage to provide a more holistic approach. Between the Yin Yoga and the massage appointments I now feel like I am well and truly on the road to full recovery. Thank you Emilia!

Nick D.

Bristol, Sep 18

Utterly held! Emilia’s massage is strong, intuitive and graceful. Emilia’s presence and peaceful quality delivers a truly transformational experience! I felt safe to cry, laugh, move and ask for what I needed. She is an exemplary bodywork practitioner I’d recommend to anyone.

Asked for what I needed, pressure or a moment to breathe out what was moving in my body and heart. I’m so grateful for shift that she facilitated for me during the massage

Kimberley De Portela E Prado

Emilia’s Thai massage is incredible! I came away from the session feeling revitalised and rejuvenated, I felt light in my body for many days afterwards too! Emilia worked very intuitively and always checked in with how I was feeling throughout the session. Highly recommend!

Olli G.

Bristol, Sep 18

Language is often inadequate. No matter how hard you try, it is very difficult to find the right words to describe physical and emotional feelings. This is particularly true when trying to describe how this form of massage makes you feel. However, I will try to analyse some of my thoughts about yesterday’s massage with the words that I have in my vocabulary. One of the main differences I felt afterwards, compared to a traditional Swedish full body massage, was that instead of feeling drowsy, floppy and out of it afterwards, instead, I felt energised and alive. I know that this is partly about the practical skills that you have learned but I think it also has something to do with the connection that you make possible with your clients. It was amazing to feel so intimate, at ease and trusting with a complete stranger. Your session touched the ‘senses’ in a way that moved beyond the physical and promoted an inner emotional response that, in turn, moved the body to react in really interesting healing ways

Matt W.

Jul 19

I decided to treat myself to a massage with Emilia because my intuition told me she would work on helping my body clear itself of all the stress and tensions I was carrying. And I wasn’t wrong. It was one of the best massages I’ve had period. She intuitively new exactly what my body needed and the balance between the right pressure during the massage was perfect, which is very important to helping my body relax fully and release all the tension. I also felt she circulated any stuck energy to get it flowing again. Emilia has the presence and intuitive knowing that’s innate in her ability to connect with the body and energy she’s working with. I would highly recommend!!

Simon A.

Bristol, May 18

I have just had a Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage from the lovely Emilia Gzyl. I travel the world extensively and have had many massages at some of the world’s top resorts and I can honestly say this one I had today was the best of the lot. I was greet by Emilia, a very welcoming person with a calming voice and presence. She asked me in detail about myself and what I was looking for from the massage. The room, while not the most luxurious was nonetheless warm and relaxing. The massage was divine and Emilia used her arms to perform a series of long strokes and movements which felt very holistic and really got to the points that felt knotted and stressed. She was flowingly moving from one part of my body being deeply worked on onto another and I felt a sense of integration. I felt very relaxed and blissed out after the massage, this woman has lots of experience and really knows her stuff. She ended the session with some very useful recommendations on follow up exercises for me. I will be back!

Lorna B

Bristol, Oct 17

I have had a number of Lomi Lomi massages from Emilia and highly recommend them. Emilia strikes a wonderful balance between the personal and professional. Her massages hold appropriate boundaries while also allowing deeply intimate moments. I’ve had massages in the past where I felt like a piece of meat being moved around. This was the opposite: I felt Emilia saw, recognised, and respected the deeply intimate, human element of massage.The Lomi Lomi massage in particular was wonderful. Long a-synchronous waves meant my mind really could switch off, so that I just stayed with the contact, and this was very healing for me. This was an exercise in self-awareness, and self-love. Indeed, the practise brought up many feelings, and Emilia welcomed all of these wholeheartedly. I laughed, I cried, and went quite, still. Each moment Emilia welcomed with a confidence, encouragement, and curiosity that I felt nothing other than grateful for, and it really helped me to let go into the massage, and into my feelings, and I felt I could express them without shame. I found this process deeply healing, and as a man, to have found a space to really, sensually connect with myself and really allow my feelings to move, is deeply valuable for me.

So, in short, I highly recommend Emilia. She is nothing short of the best massage practitioner I’ve ever come across, and I’ve had a lot of treatments in various countries. I wouldn’t hesitate to define her as an expert in her field.


Bristol, Aug 17

For many years I’ve had back issues, which I’m usually not too bad at managing with exercise, tai chi & yoga etc. but sometimes I feel stuck and needed a trip to the physio, osteopath or massage table. There’s no ‘medical’ issue – just posture, core strength and ‘life’ to manage. I’ve found working with Emilia over the last few months a great experience. I say ‘working’ as it’s always felt interactive, teasing the border between conscious and unconscious relaxation to change underlying patterns. She exudes a wonderful, calming energy, and holds an open hearted space with very safe boundaries allowing me to be completely at ease. Emilia excels at what she does, mixing physical skill & understanding with an insightful & intuitive affinity with the human body & spirit. It’s a deeply relaxing experience. I’ve found shifting to longer and regular sessions very beneficial, having greater and longer lasting impact on how I use my body – highly recommended!


Thank you so much for the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi session. All my cells are tingling with an feeling of awakenening consciousness! I feel a deep remembrance of long lost times, of a temple connection and the mystery of this bodywork, a sense of spirit awake in flesh and a true shamanic freedom. I want to honour your sensitive touch and impecable space holding. I am also deeply impressed with your loving care and attention thats combined with a fierce, almost uncompromising, presence! Blessings and thank you once again!


Bristol, Sep 17

Just came home from the most wonderful massage. I felt totally blissed out at the end and now am at home with my body feeling open and my patterns of holding in my shoulder and hip have let go and I feel super rejuvenated… Highly recommend Thai massage with Emilia Gzyl to all you Bristol peeps.

N. Powell

I recently had a Lomi Lomi massage with Emilia as she had been highly recommended by a friend. She quickly put me at ease with her calm, friendly manner. She positively exudes a wonderful energy and that was evident right from the very start. She took time to carefully find out what I wanted from the massage holistically. The massage itself was amazing, with lots of long wave-like strokes, like nothing else I’ve experienced. I was so glad I’d booked an hour and a half as I would not have wanted it to end after just an hour. What struck me most was what a deeply immersive experience it was, not only for my body but also for mind and spirit too – I’ve never had a massage like it. My mind had stop trying to guess where she was standing and where I’d feel her stroke next and just surrender to the sheer physical experience of it. My body was literally still feeling the echoes of her beautiful, wave-like touch for days afterwards. It resonated deep within me. My spirit felt sincerely cherished and honoured throughout which felt nourishing at a deep soul level. It was healing in a truly holistic sense. I’m sure Emilia’s own lovely energy plays a significant part in this whole experience. I strongly recommend her and would say that to get the most benefit from Lomi Lomi book at least an hour and a half. I can’t wait to go back.


Portishead, Jul 17

I highly recommend Emilia’s massages. She’s incredibly professional and empathetic at the same time. She lets you set your own pace during the massage and respects your limits. I’ve had few massages with Emilia; the most recent one I was in lots of pain and although I requested a very last minute one, she was able to see me on the day and alliviate my achy body. Totally worth visiting her- a truely holistic experience!Thank you!

Veli' Veli

Bristol, Jul 17

I received a treatment from Emilia to help release tension in my shoulders and glutes, combining both thai massage and deep tissue massaged worked perfectly! Emilia has a great energy and working environment, which helped me relax and fully let go of tension and any emotional blockages. Since the treatment i feel a lot better, stagnant energy feels like it has shifted and my muscles feel great! Will be booking in for another treatment for sure! Thanks Emilia

Jonny Fisha

Bristol, Jul 17

I’ve just had a two hour Lomi-Lomi massage from Emilia. To say that it was fantastic would be an understatement. Emilia has great hands and great techniques, varying her style gradually as she progresses through the session. It was both relaxing and muscular tension releasing at the same time. What was particularly enjoyable was her long flowing strokes from fingertips to toes, with both hands apparently working to different scripts. Emilia is very friendly, intelligent, and analytical in her quest to understand her client’s needs, and it really is true to say that she takes a holistic approach to massage, trying to unlock their inner feelings. It’s almost as much rewarding to chat with her as it is to receive her wonderful massage. I left the session feeling totally relaxed and at ease with myself and the world. What a great massage


Northampton, Dec 16

I agree with many of the other testimonials on this page. If you are looking for a massage that offers more than mere relaxation, I highly recommend Emilia. Her Hawaiian massage allows for a deep exploration of the mind/body relationship. During the session, I found myself exploring deeply held emotions, both wild and subtle, wilful and loving. After each session, I have experienced deep gratitude and relaxation. As a therapist myself, with a deep connection to my body, I am very appreciative to find a professional massage therapist who has clearly done a lot of work on her self and practise. The space is both open and non-judgemental, as well as boundaried and professional. She is by far the best massage therapist I have had the fortune to meet, and I’m grateful to have found a professional who allows me to go as deep into my psyche as I am able to go. Highly recommended.


May 15

Massage with Emila was a very positive experience for me and I am only sad that moving away from Bristol meant I could not continue to see her. Everytime she worked on my body – using Thai massage techniques in an intuitive and collaborative way – there was an experience of opening and healing, both on a physical and an energetic level. The truth is that Emilia is the best – of many – massage therapists I have been to over the years. Emilia has a remarkable quality of presence that seems to be the essential element in what she does.


Feb 16

I feel very grateful for my massage experience with Emilia. She was welcoming, easy going, respectful and understanding from the start. After some gentle exploration of what i hoped from the massage i relaxed onto a well prepared clean table and with a little relaxing music she began the treatment.I was very impressed. She followed a tailor made session according to my muscular needs that day with long flowing seamless wavelike strokes.Like the ocean waves, i.e. both unexpectedly strong and gentle at the same time we worked together toward loosening my body and helping me access a force of strong emotions to rise and fall.Emilia was present the whole time and her openess and flow allowed me to journey deeply through a lot of muscular tension.She was equally open and boundaried which allowed me to relax and let my energy open throughout my whole body knowing it was contained to my body and my experience and was safe to do so without offence.After the session ended i felt re-vitalised and grateful. She shared some of her own experience of resolving tension herself in the areas she discovered it in my own body. I slept very well that night.Thank you Emilia I will book another.


Feb 15

Receiving Emilia’s Lomi Lomi touch felt like surrendering to the eternal rhythms of the sea. After some timeless time, I felt as if I’d washed up on a warm shore, washed clean, worn smooth and polished to a shine.

Tariq Edwards

Massage Therapist

The most deeply relaxing, unrushed, person-centred approach to massage I’ve ever experienced- a true antidote to the pressures of life. I’d thoroughly recommend to anyone needing some personal space & time out.

Anne Davies

Lymphodema Specialist Nurse

Emilia has a very welcoming presence – both herself and the place she uses. Her massage is amazing! She has ‘hands’ which combine
firmness, gentleness, sensitivity and knowingness. I have had both Hawaiian and Thai massage with her. The Hawaiian massage is very calming and invigorating and I came out quite dazed – and very relaxed; although it also taps surprisingly deep emotions. The Thai massage was like a
very strong and supported yoga lesson – I never knew I had so many muscle groups and knots. I went in feeling very stiff and that old
age was creeping up on me. I came out straighter, lighter and with my body back!


Warm, compassionate, sincere and understanding, Emilia gives a deeply healing massage. Her ability to engage with people yet retain her command of the big picture is great asset in helping client move easily and cleanly into higher states of awareness.

Rosalie Samet

Founder and Tutor of Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre

Suffering from a number of long term recurring sport injuries I have explored a number of massage techniques. I found that Emilia’s Thai Massage took me to a whole new place. The heart of the experience is a thoughtful and tender approach that made me feel incredibly relaxed. Emilia’s balanced technique of deep massage and stretching alleviated a whole world of stress and muscular tension which left me energised and ready for both the workplace and a return to sporting activities.

Chris John


I have been to Emilia for regular Thai massages. Originally I went because I had a specific problem. This she addressed with care and expertise. But Emilia offers so much more: she is so “present” and intuitive, you feel great contact with her in every way and leave feeling healed, balanced and cared for in a way I have never experienced to such a degree before. I can say I am now completely “hooked”!

Annie Wellings

I have attended a number of sessions at Healing Massage Bristol, where Emilia treated my frozen shoulder using Thai massage. The result was very effective and long lasting. Recently I had a Lomi Lomi massage to relieve neck and shoulder tension and found that the treatment not only relieved muscle tension but also created a feeling of total relaxation and calm in the mind. Emelia creates a wonderful environment which enables the client to relax and gain the maximum benefit from her expertise. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to find peace, inspiration and maybe discover their inner being in the process.

Peter Jenkins

I have had lots of massages over the years but after having had several Lomi Lomi massages from Emilia I can honestly say that they have been among the most relaxing and therapeutic of them all. Her technique is smooth, relaxing and energising and leaves you with a deep sense of peace and tranquillity. She is also one of the kindest and warmest people I have ever met, making you feel extremely welcome and at ease. I would highly recommend her massage to anyone.

Richard Skeates


I receive both Thai and Hawaiian Massages from Emilia on a regular basis. She is extraordinarily caring and comppasionate in her approach; she is very calm, warm and spiritual person; and she is also highly professional and thorough. The Hawaiian Massage id deeply relaxing and nourishing; and the Thai Massage is a wonderful way to release tension and stress. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Jacqui Porter

Chartered Psychologist

From the moment Emilia opened the door I felt as if I was stepping into a safe sacred place. Emilia’s energy and persona exudes warmth, acceptance and nurturing. I had never experienced a Hawaiian massage before and found the whole method and approach beautiful and what I can best describe as very loving. The long continuous movements led to me feeling like I was being loved and cherished for all that I was, not just a part of me, but a total acceptance of Self which I wasn’t expecting to feel. It felt like coming home to the safety of somewhere deep inside. I felt encouraged to surrender and let go completely to the healing process. In particular I found the massage on my heart centre and stomach areas extremely powerful. It activated an energy release within my core and up through my spine. After a while I was actually trembling with the energy release for a while until it subsided. The whole experience was one of being loved and nurtured. Through the massage I felt unconsciously encouraged to open up my heart and receive the gift of Emilia’s nurturing healing touch. I came away feeling incredibly physically relaxed; mentally at peace; emotionally supported and nurtured; energetically I knew I had been healed. I even heard my heart say ‘thank you’. I would recommend Emilia and her amazing Lomi Lomi massage to everyone. Anyone on a personal journey of wishing to love themselves more completely will find this style of massage and Emilia’s presence and touch very healing. I am so grateful I received the gift of a massage from her!


Spiritual Coach and Author

I went to see Emilia, when my usual masseur was unavailable and it was the best decision i could have made, as i was in so much paid with a trapped nerve in my back that i could not drive my car. After 4 sessions there was a huge improvement and i am now 90% better than i was and continuing to get better. She was helpful kind and understanding of the pain I was in and she’s devised a plan of treatment that helped me enormously. I was given exercises to do at home that were easy and helped me maintain mostly pain free days. i cannot recommend her highly enough!!! and i got a free tennis ball – go see her and find out why!

Min Bowen

I have now had 6 Hawaiian massages with Emilia and cannot wait for the next. She greets you with a smile and is very welcoming courtesies, and professional. When your massage starts Emilias hands fingers and forearms just flow over your body . Her massage is given with respect, love and passion, you simply feel in a different world. Just wonderful!


I was privileged to experience three sessions of Hawaiian Massage from Emilia and it was the best treat I could receive after recently giving birth. I felt completely renewed after the treatment and very relaxed, refreshed and energized. My face was glowing and I couldn’t stop smiling. I would definitely recommend this massage by Emilia, she is very friendly, gentle and sensitive. It’s a real treat for both body and mind.

Erika Ocilkova

New Mum

I loved having a Lomi Lomi massage with Emila, she has a wonderful healing touch and I drifted off into some amazing visualizations. One of them felt particularly powerful: I was standing on a huge cliff overlooking the sea soaking up the sun’s energising and nourishing rays. Afterwards I felt deeply relaxed and inspired!

Carla-Jo Geraghty

Shiatsu Practitioner

My first experience of Lomi Lomi massage with Emilia Gzyl completely blew me away! My body and my heart opened and melted with her beautiful, sensuous strokes. I felt profoundly loved, held and honoured by her and connected with the love that I was giving myself by being there, being fully present to the experience and open to receive. Emilia enabled me to connect with my body, with my soul and with spirit. Coming home to myself in this way transformed my world from fear and anxiety to love, openness and flow.With love and gratitude for offering your gift with such an open heart Emilia.

Eve Barlett

I had my first Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage last Friday afternoon with Emilia and was blissed out for the rest of the day. I highly recommend her massages…and if you’re going, don’t book an hour, book the full hour and a half, even that is too short! :)’ Melt into Yoga.

Laura Ann Murphy

I really enjoyed the loving touch that I experienced in Emilia’s Hawaiian Massage. I could feel my whole body. I felt relieved, relaxed, nurtured and cared for. A loving and spiritual experience. I will definitely be coming again!

Rachel Jacobson

I have had three Hawaiian Massage sessions with Emilia so far. The experience was deeply relaxing each time in a way that I have never experienced before during massage session. Emilia is very friendly and clearly cares about her work- I thoroughly recommend her Hawaiian Massage.

Daphne Kourkanaki

Mentor Facilitator

I was fortunate enough to have chosen Emilia for my very first Hawaiian Massage. The sesson began with Emilia explaining to me how the Massage would be and I felt very reassured and immediately relaxed by her calm manner and open-hearted approach. Her Massage strokes were flowing and wave-like and felt like the start of a sacred healing journey we were both taking together. There wasn’t the usual feeling of separation between recipient and practitioner during the massage. Emilia was able to establish and mainatin a deep heaing connection throughout and I experienced a profound feeling of oneness that words can not adequately describe. I don’t say it lightly, but as a Massage continued, I soon realised I was in the hands of a true healer who had nothing but the best intentions for my wellbeing, health and happiness at heart. A good Massage can be incredibly relaxing but Emilia’s Hawaiian Massage takes it to another level and I would encourage anyone to try it for a deep relaxation, healing or both. It also had the effect of introducing me to Huna Wisdom itself, whose ancient secrets can readily be used to shed light on many aspects of modern day living.

Graham Bloy

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