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My name is Emilia Gzyl. I am a massage therapist based in Bristol and I offer Hawaiian Massage, Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Indian Head Massage and more.

Hawaiian Massage Bristol

What is Hawaiian (Lomi Lomi) Massage?

Hawaiian massage is a unique healing massage derived from the ancient master healers of Polynesia, particularly those of Hawaii. Traditionally it is called Lomi Lomi, meaning “to rub, press, knead, to work in and out, as the claws of the contented cat”. Lomi Lomi Massage is a unique flowing, vibrant and deeply relaxing whole body massage.

The practitioner uses hands and forearms in long fluid strokes of varying rhytms and intensity up and down and all around the body. The energising effects of this exquisite movements are combined with clear healing intent and are invocation for positive change on all levels. Hawaiian Massage has the ability to go to the core of one’s being. It is as though a receiver has longed for this awakening touch. Seamlessly and effortlessly, wave after wave of healing grace purifies and washes away deeply held negativity and blockages. It is based on Huna Wisdom which in its purest form is an ancient knowledge enabling a person to connect to his/her highest wisdom within.

How is it performed?

The massage therapist massages different parts of the body simultaneously (most other massage techniques focus on one area and then move to another area of the body) so a deep sense of balance and harmony is achieved.

Lomi Lomi massage uses long continuous vibrant flowing strokes all over the body, combined with a very loving touch. Hands are used as an instrument of the heart, so that you can open up on all levels to let go of the old and make room for the new. There are also some gentle stretches of the joints incorporated in the session to assist the release of tension and increase the flow of energy.

What are the main benefits?

The benefits of this extraordinary technique are enduringly holistic and far-reaching, ranging from the therapeutic right through to the transformational. The experience of receiving can be unforgettable, and the effects impressive. People often comment on how truly nourished and revitalized they feel in their body, mind, heart, and spirit.

  • Enhancement of well-being and self-awareness
  • Deeply relaxes and nurtures
  • Facilitate deeper connection to your essence
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Energy blockages are being released
  • Encourages emotional, mental, physical and spiritual shifts


60 Minutes – £60
90 Minutes – £90
120 Minutes – £120
180 Minutes – £180 (one type of massage of various styles combined)

Contact Details


07821 584 532

13 + 15 =

3hrs- £160 combined session ex. Hawaiian, Thai foot and Indian Head Massage combined together
* Discounts available*
Recommend your friend and get £10 discount on your next Thai Massage session
10% discount available for block bookings of 3×1,5hr or 2hrs sessions
5% discount available for block bookings of 3x1hr session

Please note that the first consultation for Thai Massage will need to be half hour longer for a posture assessment and a detailed case history purposes

Please note all appointments need a minimum of 24hrs cancellation notice. Failing this you will be charged 50% of the treatment cost. Thank you for your understanding.

Gift vouchers are available.