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My name is Emilia Gzyl. I am a massage therapist based in Bristol and I offer Hawaiian Massage, Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Indian Head Massage and more.

Bio Dynamic Bodywork Bristol

Bio Dynamic Massage Bodywork is a therapeutic and meditative approach to deep touch. It consists of gentle, precise massage strokes combined with deep tissue strokes (structural integration techniques), Joint release techniques (Tragering), and assisted Yoga stretches.

Bio Dynamic Bodywork aims to restore the body’s natural balance by improving the vertical connection of the main body parts: head, shoulders, chest, pelvis and legs. Poor vertical connection is one of the main reasons for chronic pain and stress in the body-mind. To have a balanced body is to experience sense of relaxation, wellbeing and aliveness.

To receive the full benefit one receives the block of 10 sessions tailored individually to each person’s lifestyle, their body’s history and  it’s current needs for healing. We work on improving the entire’s body posture from the feet up working on each segment of the body in great depth, to bring an optimum balance, freedom of movement and maximum performance. We review the progress on each session bringing attention to detail yet staying holistically focused.

These sessions are for people ready and committed to bring lasting benefits to the way they are in their body whether performing sports, walking, sitting, standing and even sleeping. We look at each of these aspects in depth to allow healing and return to its natural alignment that frees up a lot of energy that previously was blocked to guard certain parts of the body from previous pain, injury or trauma.

Each session lasts either:

And can be spread over 10 weeks or 10 months depending on each person’s time and budget availability.

When booking the whole block of sessions you receive the 10th session for FREE!


60 Minutes – £60
90 Minutes – £90
120 Minutes – £120
180 Minutes – £180

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