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My name is Emilia Gzyl. I am a massage therapist based in Bristol and I offer Hawaiian Massage, Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Indian Head Massage and more.

About Healing Massage with Emilia Gzyl

After receiving my first Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage I knew instantly that this was the Massage I’d been waiting for and what I wanted to study. The beautiful flowing movements of the practitioner fascinated me. As a dancer I am always seeking ways to move my body and I like doing this effortlessly.

The Hawaiian Massage performed by the practitioner looks exactly this way: effortless, flowing, wave-like movements across the receiver’s body. During my study of Hawaiian Massage I have realised how much depth and wisdom the Hawaiian Huna Philosophy has and I understood that it is so much more than the flowing beautiful movements; it is truly a sacred journey for both the practitioner and the receiver.

I love giving Hawaiian Massage to people, mainly because I believe in the power of this bodywork. Having the opportunity to observe the changes in the receiver’s posture and facial expression, and hear about their inner journey whilst receiving is very rewarding and beautiful to me.

I decided to continue my bodywork studies at the Bristol School of Thai Massage and I’ve qualified as a Thai Massage Practitioner. After receiving my first Thai Massage about 8 years ago, I experienced my body so relaxed, stretched and energised in a way I’d not experienced before that I wanted to find out more. I enjoy offering Thai Massage as it is a truly wonderful experience for both the giver and the receiver. Thai Massage that is very connected to yoga in its essence has also inspired me to become a dedicated student of Hatha Yoga and then later Kundalini and restorative. In February 2016 I’ve trained in India to become a Yoga Alliance 200hrs certified Yoga Teacher. In summer 2016 I have first time taught small local classes in south France and it has brought much joy to me & my students. Later I’ve completed 50hrs course with Uma Dismore Tuli and 50hrs Mindful Yin Yoga course with Kathy Ward. Now I’m teaching Yoga couple of times a week in various yoga studios around Bristol and offering monthly workshops and long weekend retreats.

I became a Reiki Master in July 2016 after completing all 3 levels of Reiki over the period of 3 years. My journey with Reiki has enabled me to learn how to use the Reiki energy for my own healing and the healing of others. I’m inspired by the simplicity and effectiveness of this Healing modality.

I’m dedicated to excellence. My own ongoing personal development is very important to ensure I can bring my very best to each client. I enjoy studying Chinese Medicine, getting to know and trying other bodyworks and therapies and I love contact improvisation dance which I have enthusiastically practiced for the last 12 years. Contact improvisation dance is often called a ”moving massage” and I know that this new exploration of body and mind has encouraged me to study Massage. For me this is so much more than dance. Sometimes it is meditative and internal, at other times it’s athletic, also great fun experience, where I am able to recognise my own body’s and mind’s unlimited possibilities. In February 2018 I became an accredited and certified NLP Master and EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner , both powerful methods to work with mind and body connection in order to help release old self limiting belief systems that are stored in body’s cellular memory helping people to move forward in all areas of life.

I am fully insured therapist and a member of British Complimentary Medicine Association (BCMA) and Association of Physcial and Natural Therapies (APNT).

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