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Long weekend 'Mindful Yin Yoga retreat' Friday 6th September 5pm- Monday 9th September 12noon in North Devon, Croyde Beach 
Included in cost:
*3 nights luxurious accommodation, *3 organic vegan 🌱 meals a day, *2 nourishing deeply relaxing Mindful Yin Yoga sessions a day, *Additional optional Partner Yoga and/or Traditional Thai Massage basic skills session, *Optional horseriding, hiking, beach time or surfing 🌊
Only 2 places left! Limited to 10 people. 
We’ve a group of 8 lovely & open minded people that will make this whole experience so much richer ✨
I’m extending the early bird price £335 until 31st July ( after £360). For more info please call 07821584532. 

Mindful Yin Yoga monthly workshop Saturday 28th September 2019 15:00-17:30 at Bristol Yoga Centre , 10 Park Row 

Deeply open, nourish & revitalise 

In this workshop we will practice Yin Yoga and Mindfulness (MBSR) with elements of Restorative Yoga to create a space of allowing a deep letting go at all levels. At the end completing the practice with breathing practices of pranayama to bring profound sense of internal balance and harmony. 
Opening deep connective tissues ( fascia) by holding a long relaxed based floor poses will leave you feeling more flexible, rejuvenated and calm by unblocking energetic pathways in the body. Bring in deep calm and a sense of deep internal wellbeing. 
You will access a deep state of tranquility and relaxation to take with you to your every day life.
It’s a real treat for the body mind spirit as we welcome in dark and winter this season. 


All levels of experience welcome. Available on MoveGB.
Costs: £30or £25 for concessions

Contact Emilia to find out more & book your place or 07821 584532

What students say about my Mindful Yin Yoga workshops: 

„Thankyou for the Sunday Yin yoga today. Every time it opens me to my authentic self.. ..not always easily compatible with my programmed lifestyle - but it brings a chance to realise my truth, and discover what I need. Proof of a genuine teacher and practice. „ Ian G, Dec 2018

' So good to let go and enjoy the benefit afterwrds, knowing Emilia holds such a safe and skillsful space. My long term held body stress and attitudes really shifted for the first time, in a sustainable and grounded way." Jan 19

”I had a pleasure of attending Emilia's Yin Yoga classes the other week and was amazed at how my body responded. I have done Iyengar Yoga for 15 years and although this has given me a fantastic foundation in knowing my body and learning the asanas, Emilia's yoga class seemed to allow my body to stretch and ease into a deeper sense of surrender than I had experienced ever before. I am hence a complete convert and will be incorporating Yin Yoga into my regime. Part of the reason this class was so nourishing was due to Emilia's calm and mindful approach, her instructions were clear, and she was very attentive to everyone's individual needs during the poses. It really was nourishing for my mind, body and soul! Thank You. “ Sonya, Oct 18

”I first met Emilia when I attended one of her Yin Yoga classes.  I had been suffering from chronic fatigue for a year and a half and was looking for a class that addressed my symptoms linked to the fight or flight response mechanism being stuck on 'on' all the time.  I was surprised at how effective Emilia's classes are at redressing this balance and have been a regular attendee ever since.  When I attend one of Emilia's classes the effect stays with me for several days after.” Nick D. September 18

" Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop, it really is transformative to 'go deep' with poses and your calming voice is divine. Neil and I are converts. ' Jan 19

"Thanks for a great workshop. Can't believe I'm still a bit emotional! It's a totally great release. You kept reminding us to bring it back to the moment which helped me focus." Tom, Dec 2018


*Special Partner Yoga & Thai Massage Day for couples * with intention to create more connection, affection, nurturing touch to any relationship that wants to uplift, refresh, rejuvenate, reignite their Love & Connection! Very useful too if there is a stagnation energy and some struggle in a relationship as it requires to get in touch with the body & let go of the mind and see each other from a a completely new angle! 
I’ve guided couples in that setting few times already & this wonderful couple have inspired me to share to the wider audience. This is what they wrote to me after that special day: 

‘I found Emilia through google she is one of the very few people who actually do a couples based practise. We spent 4 hours with her and felt completely relaxed and felt we got a deeper understanding of the massage as it was only us 3, it is a brilliant way to connect and bond with your partner and came away feeling refreshed and connected to each other, i would 100% recommend this to any couples.
The setting was very comfortable with enough room to manoeuvre round and Emilia provided refreshments and healthy snacks as it is quite labour intensive as we use each other bodies to stretch. Emilia was brilliant she was very clear on her instructions and made us feel comfortable and relaxed. Thanks so much Jessica and Alex.’ 

The  *Special Partner Yoga & Thai Massage Day for couples *  includes 4 hrs of quality 1 to 2 teaching on how to offer each other effective and simple Thai Massage techniques, partner yoga that is deeply bonding, my massage demonstration on each and my attentive presence and feedback, healthy snacks and gentle heart opening tantric couple exercises.

*The Special Partner Yoga & Thai Massage Day for couples’ is a luxurious gift 2 people can give to each other to bring their relating to another level with more connection, fun, intimacy and discovery at the centre of it!
The investment per couple is £250
Location: My spacious therapy room located in Clifton BS8 




Location: spacious and beautiful converted barn in Springhead house, Barns Close, Barrow Gurney, Bristol, BS48 3RL 
3rd and 4th December 2016 10:00am- 4:30pm 


2 days of full immersion into learning easy yet effective Thai massage techniques. This will be combined with learning powerful self massage techniques to help release tension from various parts of the body and we will also do fun and engaging Partner Yoga to stretch and open the body in pairs. 

AFTER the weekend you will be able to share with your friends relaxing and very effective Thai massage techniques on their neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs that are the most common areas of tension. 

You will also leave empowered knowing your body so much better through learning self massage techniques using tennis/lacrosse ball that I'll provide on all major trigger points of your body. You will learn specific points and know what to do if in emergency of tension/ache in your muscles knowing exactly how to release it using a ball, a wall/floor and your body weight. Also what a gift to pay it forward & share it with others who could benefit from this simple yet very effective method. 

We'll be having lots of fun opening our bodies with the simple Partner Yoga moves. No yoga experience required! Those exercises are very easy and done in pairs with emphasis on stretching, breathing, opening and connecting with one another in a relaxed and fun way:-) 

Thai Massage is wonderful for increasing flexibility and mobility in the body combined with Partner Yoga and deep Trigger Point Release techniques you will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and much more flexible and open. Thai Massage is done through clothes so no oils needed. 

After last year successful 1 day Thai Massage workshop in Sept'15  I've been asked to organise a whole weekend one as participants expressed a desire to go deeper into Thai massage techniques. So here it is: ) 

I've been offering massage therapies professionally for over 7 years now and teaching massage workshop for last few years in UK and Europe. Bodywork is one of my main passions. I'm endlessly expanding on my knowledge of the human body through my daily professional practice and continual participation in various educative workshops and courses in UK and abroad. I gain so much from every encounter with a body I massage and I'm grateful I have opportunity to witness some of the most amazing healing occurring when a person lets go, connects with the power of breath and release of blockages ( physical, emotional, energetic) through allowing my touch to assist them in journey of restoring natural wellbeing. 

I'm also a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher and my own ongoing yoga practice helps me further to understand the human body and respect its limitations and unique ways of expression. 

With over 10 years of contact improvisation dance explorations I've learned a lot about body's mechanics, movement, respecting its own wisdom and developing receptivity to listen to IT, and!!! allowing to switch off the monkey mind;-)

My last 9 years have been almost entirely focused on studying all about alternative therapies, healing, nutrition and much more. 

I am both honored and happy to share this magical weekend with you! :D

COST: £105 for whole weekend 
1day is optional however I strongly recommend participating in a whole weekend ( ask me for details if its your only option). 

TO BOOK: Call or txt 07821584532 or email
to discuss a suitable way to pay your DEPOSIT: £65 for a weekend, reimagining £40 can be paid on a day. Cash and online transfer acceptable. 
If you're participating in 1 day, deposit of £30 is required. 

FOOD: We'll break half way through the day for lunch so bring something to share if you wish or order a delicious vegetarian homemade lunch made lovingly by Howard ( £9)

TRANSPORT: Hoping some of us will be able to share lifts

WHAT TO BRING: yoga mat, cushion,  small blanket if you can, water

Below is a feedback from my recent Thai massage workshop:

'Last year I experienced Emilia's Thai yoga massage day in this sweet venue. Emilia holds a wonderful combination of playful not-too-serious, nurturing atmosphere, and a real technical competence clearly borne from experience and devotion.Hopefully I'll be able to move into regular practice and more formal learning this year.' Vijay 

And here I share feedback from my student who I was teaching 1:1 massage skills to share with his family & friends: 

'Emilia is incredibly professional, with clearly planned and thought out lessons and extra material to take away and learn. She's dedicated to sharing her clear love for the subject as well as her deep knowledge and years of experience. She stays totally engaged throughout the lessons, and really listens and watches carefully to make sure you understand, are improving and having fun. Through bespoke one on one sessions we explored some of the philosophy, exercises and wider context of massage before learning each of the individual strokes. Working together on a volunteer, I could watch and copy her strokes as she and the volunteer gave great feedback. It was never rushed across our many sessions, and we took the time to really enjoy the learning process and master the different areas of the body. It's been a wonderfully positive and enlightening experience and I can't wait to take my new found skills out and practice. Emilia is amazing!'
S.H. Oct'16

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