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Hawaiian Massage HandsWelcome to the Healing Massage Bristol website.

My name is Emilia Gzyl. I am a massage therapist based in Bristol and I offer Hawaiian Massage, Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Indian Head Massage.

The purpose of this website is to give you a taste of the therapies I do.
Here you can find out more about Hawaiian Massage, Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Indian Head Massage and Deep Tissue Massage and how these therapies can benefit you. You can also find answers for your frequently asked questions about these therapies.

Hawaiian Massage Bristol

Hawaiian massage traditionally called Lomi Lomi massage uses long continuous vibrant flowing strokes all over the body, combined with a very loving touch. The massage therapist massages different parts of the body simultaneously so a deep sense of balance and harmony is achieved.

"If you are looking for deep relaxation and sense of peace and tranquility or simply want to experience a feeling of being refreshed and energized and taken away from stresses and tensions I invite you to receive this wonderful and nurturing Touch of Aloha".

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Thai Massage Bristol

Thai bodywork is highly recommended for people who do lots of sport as a Sports Massage alternative. It is also recommended for dancers and people who do a lot of physical work as it is a fantastic way to increase overall flexibility and achieve maximum fitness results.

"If you are working long hours in front of computer or driving the Thai Massage is very beneficial as it significantly improves body’s posture. It also increases flexibility, mobilises the joints and allows greater ease of movement".

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If you are looking for relaxation, release of stress and body tension, mind stillness, your own personal space, or simply time-out, you came to the right place.

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